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Sexual Roleplay Games

Sexual roleplay games are games that adults often play in order to spice up their sex lives. In these games, one or both parties adapt a persona or personas that one or both parties find sexually attractive. All couples and relationships are, of course, different, but it is highly common for the “acting” person or persons to dress up as the character he or she is portraying, to adopt a new name or take on a new personal history for the duration of the fantasy, or to take on the role of a stock character, such as a schoolgirl, that is typically considered sexy. The only real way for one to find out what his or her partner finds sexy or fantasizes about is to ask him or her! Roleplaying is a great way for one to find out new information about his or her partner and to open up the doors of communication!


For many couples, particularly those who have been together for a long time, those who are sexually adventurous, or those who simply require a little something extra to get aroused, finding sexy foreplay games to play is a common practice. As long as both couples are in agreement about the fantasy to be played out and as long as neither party is doing anything harmful or illegal, this type of sexual roleplay is actually quite normal, common, and even healthy and beneficial to the relationship. It allows a deeper level of understanding to develop between the couple, and it also increases communication and even laughter. Couples who play these types of games often do not take them completely seriously. They are able to “break” character and laugh at one another or at themselves. Often, this can be a great experience for individuals who have always taken sex as a very serious way to show one’s love to another. It is also possible for sex to be a fun, enriching experience that draws two people closer together!

Practicing roleplaying or anything that makes the sex new and exciting for the couple are good foreplay techniques. After having had sex for a long period of time, one or both members of the couple sometimes grow complacent or bored with the same old sex. If nothing is ever done about this, one or both members of the couple may stray to unfaithfulness. Or, the couple may simply stop having sexual relations, which is a definite relationship and romance killer. Seeking out sexy foreplay games to play and practicing good foreplay techniques keep the spark – both the sexual spark and the romantic spark – alive in the relationship. If one is a little weary of trying sexual roleplay games, he or she should simply think of it as playing a childish game with a fun twist.

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