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If one is looking for more foreplay games, this is a great place to start searching. There are many sexy foreplay games that couples can play in order to make their sex life more intense, passionate, new, and exciting! A secret few people realize is that in order to have better foreplay, a couple must have better communication all around. Good sex and sexual activities come from a place of mutual love, understanding, care, and respect, and the best way to reach this place is to be open and honest with one another about wants, desires, feelings, goals, and everything that is important in one’s life. Sharing this type of intimate information helps to create a bond between people, and when brought into the bedroom, this bond is explosive! Sex with someone that one already has a strong, close relationship with is that much more comfortable with both individuals feeling fewer inhibitions.

Before finding specific foreplay games to play, couples should sit down with another and have a conversation about what each person feels is lacking or growing stale in their love life. This should be a very open conversation and both inviduals should be able to express their feelings without fear of judgment of hurting the other person. The people in the couple should also divulge any fantasies they have or sex acts they have always wanted to act out. Even the conversation itself can turn spicy, leading to a type of verbal sexual foreplay.

After this conversation, couples can try acting out some of the fantasies they talked about. They can also try playing role playing games or going shopping for fun sexy toys or lingerie together. Anything that both parties in the couple are comfortable with is okay to do. It is also a good idea for the individuals to try things that turn the other person on, even if they don’t necessary turn both people on. Sex and good foreplay should be all about pleasing the other person first and pleasing oneself second. This type of selfless love always makes for good foreplay and sex for both parties.

It is also important to keep in mind that seeking out new sexual adventures is not an indication that there is anything wrong with the relationship or that it is ending or losing its spark. It is normal for couples to grow stale or routine in their sexual relations. When this leads to trying new things together and seeking out exciting ways of having sex instead of cheating or other serious relationship problems, this is actually a good sign that the relationship is mature and strong. So, in truth, the more fun couples have together, the more honest they are with one another, and the more foreplay games they play, the closer they are.

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