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Food Foreplay Games

One of the greatest things that a couple can do to lead up to sex is to engage in food foreplay games. These types of things play on the biggest parts of the human experience. Humans are trained and genetically programmed to enjoy food and sex. These are two essentials that people get a large amount of pleasure from. Therefore the combination can be very powerful and make people rather excited for a sexual experience. People are also very used to the foreplay idea of using food. It is not that strange that a couple would be using food items as sexual foreplay items since it is almost part of mainstream culture to have food be a part of sex. It is very common that food leads to sex. Most people go have dinner or other eat on a date and then will have sex later. Therefore it makes perfect sense that food would also be part of the sexual experience in order to enhance it and make it more pleasurable to both parties that are engaging in the intimate contact.


There are even foods that are specifically designed for foreplay games. At some sex stores, people can purchase different food items that can be used to enhance the sexual experience with food foreplay. These foods tend to be in the categories of syrups and creams that can be applied and then licked off anothers body. The stores sell varieties with interesting flavors and ones that are easy to clean up. While that is not thought about all of the time, the ease of clean up is one of the biggest factors that people should consider when engaging in food foreplay. If the material is going to make someone very sticky or otherwise uncomfortable, it can ruin the sexual experience. The person will be thinking about how uncomfortable they feel and how they want to clean up or take a shower. On the other hand, it can be used to increase the experience by having people then go clean each other up in the shower. This would allow them to touch and caress each other in foreplay games that would not otherwise have been done.

Sexy foreplay techniques can really enhance the sexual experience. Foreplay has the purpose of getting two people rather excited for sex. Foreplay can be very fun in itself and can then lead to much better sex. This is because the two people are much more prepared and ready for it as well as having anticipated it for a greater amount of time. If a couple is feeling that their sex life is lacking, sexy foreplay techniques and food foreplay games are a great way to add a little pizazz into their sex life and really enhance their sexual experience.

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