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There are many different male and female foreplay games that can be played in order to increase the sexual experience. Foreplay is one of the essential parts of sex. It prepares the stage for more intense sexual experiences as the couple get more and more intimate. It is not possible for two people to simple dive into intercourse. That would not be an enjoyable experience and also it would not be last very long. It is much more fun and exciting to have a series of foreplay activities that lead up to intercourse or whatever the climax is for the two people. In sex, as in many things, it is the journey that truly matters and not the destination. Therefore the activities that lead up to the destination are the most important. How a person touches another and what they to have sexy foreplay fun is very important. The actual act of intercourse can be very dull and boring if it is not set up properly. Therefore it is great to have good foreplay ideas that people can use to spice up their activities and truly enjoy the sex and company of each other as they begin to have a lasting and meaningful sexual experience together.


Good foreplay ideas come from the situation that a couple finds themselves in. They relate to the couples nature. Some people are into a variety of different things. The sexual practices of one person are going to be very different from those of another. For example, some people are very into violent and almost dangerous sex. They like to be threatened and in some ways scared in their sexual experience. The combination of the emotions can have a great exciting potential. It makes the sex more risky and can provide a large amount of intrigue. Others like to cuddle and hold each for long periods of time. The type of sexy foreplay fun therefore relates to each couple and what they are interested in. If people are really into exotic locations, it may be a fun idea to try to have sex in as many different places as possible. In this way the act of finding a place to have a sexual experience is actually a type of foreplay. The excitement that leads up to the activity is maximized as the two people have to find and secure a place. Even though this does not involve touching specifically, it can be considered foreplay because it gets people excited about the different activities that they are about to do and can therefore increase the sexual experience to a great extent.

Couples who want to have great sex should spend a lot of time engaging in different types of foreplay. They can arouse the female by doing such things as a breast massage or gentle touching parts of each others bodies. These things can increase the sexual excitement greatly. Such female foreplay games make sex into a great and wonderful experience.

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